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Inclusion & Accessibility
Google reCAPTCHA checkbox labelled I'm not a robot

Is CAPTCHA accessible?

CAPTCHA is a security measure used by websites to differentiate bots from real users and defend against spam. Failing to complete a CAPTCHA test prevents bots from progressing through a user journey, but these tests can prevent people with disabilities from progressing through user journeys too.

Two women and a man reading braille sitting on a couch

Disability Statistics in the 2022 Census: What Do They Tell Us?

In September 2023, Profile 4 (Disability, Health, and Carers) of Ireland’s 2022 census results was published. The census findings are a valuable snapshot of Ireland’s disability population and their participation in society.

Statue of Lady Justice, blindfolded and holding a set of scales

The rise of digital accessibility lawsuits in the USA

While accessibility lawsuits have been filed since the ADA was first enacted, most lawsuits dealt with discrimination and physical barriers. This has changed in recent years.

What’s New in WCAG 2.2?

WCAG 2.2 is in the final stage before it becomes an official W3C Recommendation and succeeds WCAG 2.1. In this week’s blog, let’s look at what’s been updated in WCAG 2.2 ahead of its proposed publication in October.

Silhouette of a person holding a megaphone during a protest

The Writers’ Strike and its impact on accessibility

The Writers Guild of America have been on strike since May 2023 due to labour conditions failing to keep up with changes in the media landscape. This has affected the shows and movies released since, with many having poor quality or delayed accessibility features.

Tennis player holding a racket as they walk beside the net and a tennis ball

Wimbledon’s innovative technology for accessibility

Wimbledon is a pioneer in the use of VR headsets to allow people with low vision to watch tennis matches. Recently, they collaborated with Vodafone to provide tennis fans with 5G-powered headsets in a trial run.

Large network servers collecting data

Breaking Down the Warren-Graham Bill for Big Tech

US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham introduced the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act in July 2023. This Act aims to regulate the Big Tech industry, including the areas of privacy and digital accessibility.