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UI/UX Design for Accessibility

11th October 2023

Our UI/UX course is extremely popular among the design teams and the content teams we work with, as well as developers who will implement these designs.

This course provides an accessibility expert’s insight into how digital platforms should be designed and how to avoid accessibility pitfalls.

UI/UX teams spend a lot of time getting that experience just right for the application or website they are designing; now with an understanding of end user needs, they can provide that desired experience to all.

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Document Accessibility (PDF)

8th November 2023

This course provides attendees with a full understanding of how to create, repair, and distribute PDF documents to ensure they are accessible to all.

Understanding what goes into the process of accessible PDFs is essential now more than ever, with many organisations using PDFs as their default universal document.

Many automated services produce inaccessible PDFs (such as bills and receipts) and all developers, content leads and designers must have knowledge on how to make PDFs accessible.

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Upcoming Training Sessions

In case you missed it, our training sessions will return in 2024.