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Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland has been a prominent part of the Irish banking system since it first opened in 1783. As the world moves more into digital spaces, they have also become a client of IA Labs. Irish accessibility laws state that the WCAG 2.1 standards currently only apply to the public sector. Although they are part of the private sector, Bank of Ireland has begun their accessibility journey, wanting to work with us to ensure they are becoming as accessible as they can be in this ever-changing world. Since there has been a reduction in the amount of open bank branches, it can be difficult to find a branch near you and have the resources to travel. This means you must be able to bank online. Bank of Ireland launched their mobile app in 2012 to improve their digital presence and continue growing with the times. They engaged with IA Labs to audit their website and app. In Ireland, more than 600,000 people have a disability, and having an accessible website and app could grow their client bases. After these audits, Bank of Ireland decided to take part in IA Labs’ subscription service, where they can receive design and UX consultations and accessibility reviews of new app features on a monthly basis. Bank of Ireland is one of the major players within the Irish banking industry and they are on their way to becoming a bank that is accessible to all.